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Contrad Sasnacho

The scourge that struck in every land seems to be fading, And on bended knees,

Our gratitude to Our Lord For shielding us.

A time for new hope, renewal and rejuvenation

And Of late there has been exuberance of music

In our little land. Our endearing Classic….

Sodanch ashen ami raavtalim

Always we remained longing

Dees ho yevunk aicho

For this day, to dawn

Toshinch deva lagim magtalim

And likewise we prayed to God

Ekvot zavunk amcho

To bind us, as One.

Sodans monanth amchya urtholo

And we will always remember in our mind

Ugdaas aichya disaso

The memory of this day

Igorjechya bukar boroilo

When we signed the book (marriage register)in the Church,

Contrad sasnacho

Our contract of eternity

Poilinch ekamekak mevlim

We met for the first time

Zaitho theomp-niz-mogan bhovlim

For so long we spent our courtship in love

Eka mekak vishwasim ravlim

We remained faithful to each other

Azz ek zavunk pavlim

And Today we became ONE.


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