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Bhov Mogall Mai

Bhov Mogall Mai

Bhov Mogall Mai (ardent loving mother) a heartful hymn to our Blessed Mother to be our aid and make us worthy of heaven yonder. Vocalist :Rhea Fernandes Credit: R.R. Studios, Velsao

hymn lyrics with English translation for global audience, vid will load in few secs.


Bhov mogall Mai

Ardent loving Mother

amche thain tuem rav,

stay with us,

gorzank akantak sodanch tuem pav.

be always our help in our needs and fears.


Mai kakutiche, Mai mogache,

Merciful Mother, loving Mother,

Mai sorv xegunnamnim bhorlele.

Mother, rich in virtues.

Amcheam gorzamnim, *2

In our times of need,

amcheam dukhamnim,

in our sorrows,

amcheam vignamnim,

in our tribulations,

pav tuem sodim.

come to our aid,


Amchê khatir

On our behalf

Puta lagim mag,

plead to your Son,

favo kôr amkam

to make us worthy

sorginchem bhag.

of heavenly bliss.



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