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Bagentleam fulam modem ( Amidst the Flowers)

Bagentleam fulam modem

A sublime hymn in Goan Konkani Our Lord Jesus Christ the emptiness of all that the world has to offer.

Its only our hearts touched by His love, that He needs and and our desire fulfilled. credit to Gwen Fernandes

lyrics with translation, vid will load in few secs'


Bagentleam fulam modem

Among the flowers in the garden,

ranantleam zhaddam


among the trees in the forest,

khonnintleam dhatum modem,

amidst the ore in the earth,

Isvorak sôdlem dennem!

I sought a gift for the Lord!


Jezuchea Kallza sovem

Besides the Heart of Jesus,

bhettoitam kalliz mhojem!

I offer You my heart!

Doriachea udka bhitôr,

Within the waters of the seas,

vellechê renvê bhitor,

within the sands of the shores,

razancheam ttheveam bhitôr,

within the King’s vaults,

kitench nam mhaka mell’lem.

I did not find anything.


Manpachem Apnnak vordan dakhoilem Sorvesporan

Our Lord showed us, how to give Him a worthy gift,

liplolem mhojea horddeant:

hidden in my breast:

hinn, holkem kalliz mhojem!

my humble heart



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