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Cecelia mojem naum, Chedva go chedva

Cecelia mojem naum

lively Dulpods, Konkani fast paced mando sung at get-togethers, 1. Cecelia mojem Naum (Cecelia is my name )

2. Chedva go Chedva Mother wonders about her daughter strolling in the garden alone. Credit to Chris Dias "One Man Band" singer : Joan Crasto

lyrics with English translation for global audience.


Cecilia mhojem nanv.

Cecilia is my name.

Chedvam bhitor chedum kurioso hanv.

Among all (the other) girls I am the smartest.

He:Tum kurioso zaleari

If you are smart enough,

matche mhuji judi toihar kori?

Cut my coat to suit (me).

she: Tuji judi toihar kalleari?

Should I cut your coat to suit?

sang maka, kitem ditolo petii.

tell me, what will you give me?

He: Sinalko ditam pero.

I will give you a guava as a symbol.

Cecil você quero ou não quero ?

Cecilia, do you want or you do not want?

she: Maka naka tujem pero.

I do not want your guava.

Dilear puro mogachem utoru.

It is enough if you give me your promise of love.



(2)Chedva go chedva,

Oh my girl, my girl!

hortant bhosun kitem corthalem thinga.

What were you doing there sitting in the garden.


(2)Mãim ghe mojhea maim

Mother, my mother,

Hortantulim fulam punzaitalim hanv

I had been collecting flowers from the garden.


(2)Chedva go chedva,

Oh my girl, my girl!

Bhakra Cholo keteak bhointalo thinga

why was the Landlord's son strolling there



Maka mog ghe fulancho,

I only love flowers,

Dubau dori naka ankvar cholleacho

Do not doubt me with the bachelor boys.

Cecelia mojem naum, Chedva go chedva

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