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Osson'nechea Pullar

Osson'nechea Pullar, The rhapsodies that emanates in music, songs

and romance from my village in South Goa, this is as southern (Sasti)as it gets for us. in our soft soothing native tongue.. Credit : Ivor D'Cunha

sokhani Uttanam .... in the morning when i wake up zedna fokot thuzich chitnam my thoughts are of you dis rath thuzich sopnam day and night i dream of you zehvonn passun ruchona no taste even for food fokott ekhoch tuem ani dushro khon maka naha you are the only one and I have no other Pollioch tuka poilollo, murgotton ashtallo first time i saw you, you smiled at me Assonachea pullar bossuen ashlollo you were sitting on the Assolna bridge nodor tuzear poddun, jivu mhuzo dadosllo when i gazed at you i was happy...

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