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Tuzo Mog ( your love) Lorna/The 7 Notes Band, Goa

Tuzo Mog

Tuzo mog (your love) Goa's Nightingale Lorna belting out her iconic song at Oktoberfest 2023, in the company of Goa's foremost band, The 7 Notes Band , Goa

credit: the 7 Notes Band .

lyrics with English translation for global audience, vid will load in few secs.


Tuzo mog ( your love )

Ravom yeta mojean jeu nastonam,

I can live without eating food

Sarum yeta rath nido nastonam,

I can spend sleepless night

Punn ravonk zainam mojean tuka, poi nastonam

but I cannot live without gazing at you

Ugddas yeta ut'tam bostonam.

I think of you while awake

Kalliz khoxen boro tum astonam,

my heart fills with joy when you're around.

Kainch ek naka maka tum nastonam,

I do not need anything without you

Maatui mojean ravonk zainam,

I can never live without

Tho mog, tuzo mog voi tho mog tuzo mog kori nastonam .

that love, your love yes that love, your love, without loving you

Apoi maka anv rokdinch yetelim,

call me and i will come quickly

Sang re maka tujexinch rautelim

tell me and I'll remain with you

Mag re hem kalliz fokot tukach, ditelim

pray I will give my heart to you

Visorxii anv chodd dukest zatelim

if you forget me I will be very sad.

Ravom yeta konnank poi nastonam,

I can live without looking at anyone

Dolle bond korun-ugdi nastonam

with eyes closed without ever opening

Maatui mojean ravonk zainam,

But I can never live without

Tho mog, tuzo mog, voi tho mog, tuzo mog kori nastonam.

that love, your love yes that love, your love


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