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Sangat Sodchona (will not leave you)

Sangat Sodchona

Sangat Sodchona (will not leave you) a throbbing afro beat, his signature music for his love ballads and compositions, his popularity among the millennials none to beat. with millions viewership for his vids under his belt.

Cast: Sofia Borges, Salvino Miranda

Composer: DJ Salvino Miranda

lyrics with English translation for global audience, vid will load in few secs.


chondrim koshem tum

like a moon you are

kallke raati yevun dhorloi

last night you came and held

tuven mhozo haat

my hand

mhozo haat...

my hand...

konn lagna hanv go tuzo

I am nobody of yours, yet

torui astana tuven

even then you

diloi go mhozo sangat..

gave me your intimacy

Munnon nakai na

Don't say it

mhojea oslo dusro mevchona

I will not find anyone like you

tuzo sangat kitlo ghod

you intimacy so sweet

hatun kosloch dubhav naaa

there is no doubt about it

Munnon Nakai na

don't say it

mhojea oslo dusro mevchona

I will not find anyone like you

kedain vodd tufan ailear pasun

howsoever great the storm

tuzo sangat sodchona

I will not leave your company

noshibant aslem poi mhojea

it was in my fate that

tum mhaka mevlem

that you will meet me

devachem kitlem sobit poi

look how beautiful you're God's

tum go mhaka dennem

gift for me

jivitak khuxal kai haddpi

to bring happiness in my life

tum go xitoll varem

like a fresh breeze

chitunk zaina jivit atam

I cannot think of life

Tujea vinnem....

without you


that's why




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