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Tambde Roza - Mark Revlon

Tambde Roza

Tambde Roza ( the rosy cheeks) a song that's deeply ingrained in every Goan hearts, and sure can melt you in tears if you've been away from home for long and hear it once again.

Here Mark Revlon gets the crowd singing an hanging on to his every notes

in credit to Goencho Balcao

lyrics with English translation, vid will load in few secs


Tambde Roza tuje polle,

Your cheeks are like red roses

Dukhanim bhorleai muje dolle....x2}

I am overcome with tears

Papachem Licens assa zalear polle

Please see if you got the(license) permission from your father

Kazar zaunchek moje kodde...x}2

To get married to me .

Istimosanv Rozachem, Roza mojea mogachem,

my Esteemed Roza , Roza my beloved

Kazar zaunk lisens na go Papachem ...................}..2

Your Papa does not allow us( to get married

Papachem licens assa re maka

I have my fathers permission(license0

Kazar zaumcheak rautam tuka..x2}

I am waiting to get married to you

Tum tor kazar zainam zalear moga,

If you do not get married with me , my love

Moji bhirmott futt'teli tuka.....x2}

My curse will come on you


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