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Soglench Mhojem Vidu Chintunum

Soglench Mhojem Vidu Chintunum

Soglench Mhojem Vidu Chintunum ( thinking over my whole life) a Poignant Goan Mando which exudes hopelessness about life gone by, the loneliness of life so meaningless and unfulfilled. the feeling of despair and lost hope.The Crosses to bear, He never promised us a rose Garden. Vocalist: Nadia Rebelo, Omar de Loiola Pereira, credit: Sounds from Goa.

Lyrics with English translation, vid will load in few secs.


Sogllench mhojem vidu chintunum, *2

mulling over my whole life,

Dukhan golloite hanv,

I am shedding tears

Sonvsarant mhaka na mhun re konnum,*2

in the world there is no one for me

Dhiv chak bhuzvonum.

to offer me solace


Rottam, rottam dukhan golloinum,*2

I weep and cry with tears rolling down

Mhozo fuddar re chintunum.

Thinking of my future.

Sonvsar sogllo dista fottkiro, *2

The who world seems so unreal

Dukhanim bhorlolo dhorio,

An ocean brimming with pain

Konn punn mhaka mellot sangtolo,*2

whoever on meeting me, will say

Assam hanv mhunn feliz-o

That I am happy.

Ch Ch


Sottve ratchem noketru mhojem,

Seventh night star of mine

Uzvadd palvon gelem,

It has put out the light and faded,

Noxib mhojem khorench re futtkem,

my fate is truly false

Kedinch na bodolchem.

never will it change


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