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Sodankall Ravchim (always remain)

Sodankall Ravchim

Sodankall Ravchim, A lovely composition and music by Goan 7 notes band, a wedding special for newly weds

Sidon & Frinca on their First Dance. Nice and easy listening, short and sweet.

credit to: 7 Notes Band

lyrics and translation for global audience, vid will load in few secs.


tuensor tum assai, teach rostear dorli vatt

where ever you are, I will take that road

tea zagear tuem muetai ravtolo dis rath

the place to meet you, I will wait day and night

mog tuzo soddunk ailo

I came looking for your love

sodankall meula tuzo sanghat

always, I found in your company


Mogan poddun ami vatt dorli doagainim jivitachi

falling in love we took the high road of life

vegan gavun tuka sassnak urtalia bunead mogachi

holding you in my embrace, we built the frame of love

Donia Devan borean dovarlia stoire tuji muzi

Our Lord God has written our story for you and me

vixvas dovurea ami sodankall ravchim

with steadfast faith, we will remain always

polleuun ai saunsar to axeta

I ache to see the world

tuzea sangatan bauntalim antam

together, I will travel the world

zantim pidia ailear tuzi seva korun ravta

through sicknesses and plague I will serve you



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