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Sobit sundor (Lovely, beautiful)

Sobit sundor

Sobit Sundor lovely & Beautiful, a soft and melodious serenade for his love . Friz love, the Artist with midas touch, his songs are immensely popular and hit the charts on the double.

Lyrics, Composed & sung by Friz Love

cast: Friz Love, Keziah Ferrao, Credit: Friz Love

lyrics with translation for Global audience, vid will load in few secs


Sobit Sundor, Rup tujem

lovely beautiful is your visage

Mhoje kalliz chorun vehle

my heart you stole

Tuje vinnem jivit mhoje zata eksure

without you, my life is but loneliness

Poilech noddren tuka vinchle

with the first look, I knew

Mhoje kalliz chorus vehle

my heart was stolen

Hanv tuzo, tu mhoje, Dévale denem

I am yours and you're mine, God's blessing


I Love You, ravta zobab aikunk

I love you, await your response

Hem kalliz, tiar asa sogle soddunk

this heart of mine is all ready to to renounce all else

Sodta hanv jivitachi ranni korunk

I desire to make you the queen of my life

Tuzoch hanve mog kela

I loved you alone

nhui to visrunk.

please do not forget

Dis an dis tuje chitun

day and night thoughts of you

ravta hanv dis he mezun

I await counting the days

kednakai tuka polloun

longing to see you

kallzache aundde sagunk

to fulfill the heart's desires

Tuje ośle na te dusre

there is no one like you

haste rup tuje

your smiling visage

Gorabeache eklench ful tum

Your households only flower


and very humble

Kuxal dorunk vavurtolo

I will work to keep you happy

Kednach korcho na tuka dukki

I will never cause you pain

dor moga mhojer

Dovortolo sukhi


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