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Pixea (crazy), Konkani love song

Pixea (crazy), A captivating rendition of  Konkani love

Pixea (crazy), A captivating rendition of Konkani love song with an exotic music beat, a fusion of east and west shot in two location Goa nd London. star vocalist : Mark Revlon.

Pixea (crazy) credit : Elffio Fernandes & Natasha Saldanha


Kalliz mhojem koshen borlem

My heart was overjoyed

Polleun sobit rup tujhem

Gazing at your beautiful visage

Kai boro hanstea vonthar

How lovely is your smiling lips

Kainse tujhea… varear

your hair gently blowing in the breeze

Ekoch kodden disnach zallem

Suddenly you disappeared from sight

Soddun soddun dis gallen

Searching for you I spent my days

Koinsar than tum makha meutalem

howsoever I will meet you

Jivit fullani bhortalem

my life will be filled with flowers


Moga podlea hanv tujea

fallen in love with you

Kalliz mhojem tuka bettoilem

the heart of mine I have dedicated to you

Tunch mhojea angea

you are my angel

Gevun ravtam gopant mhojea

I crave to hold you in my arms

Mog kortolom fokot tujo pixea

I will love you alone

Noketre tum mhojem jivitchem

You're the star of my life

Dakoitelem maka fudle nixea

You will show me future..

Mogan poddun hanv tujea

I fallen in love with you

Kalliz mhojem tuka bettoliem tunch angea

heart of dedicate to you my angel

Zedna dislo tujo rupkar

when I saw your visage

Doreache larra marle tem koddopak

the waves crashed on the rocks

Polleunk tuka mhojea samkar

Seeing you close to me

Moga udkam marle suknea poren varear

I hop and flew like the birds in the air


Mogan tujea hnnv zallem pisso

in love with you, I have gone crazy

Hanv ek mogi tuzo

I am your lover

Mogache utor tum dhi maka

Give me the word of love

Palloe kallzacho pettlolo uzo

put out this fire in my heart

3)Mog tuzo kella Utor dhi maka

I have loved you, give me your word

Ravtama tuka ravta ravta

I am waiting for you


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