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Mogan Uddnam Martam (the vaults of love)

Mogan Uddnam Martam

Mogan Uddnam Martam, An enchanting melody and harmonic rhythm and Sanifa Rodrigues voice is almost angelic here

softer and gentler cadences were never heard, she could teach the Nightingales to sing

Credit to Pio Fernandes and Fr George Dias for Lyrics

Cast : Cristo Da Costa & Maclena Carvalho, vid will load in few secs


He: Zaddechem mullam zomnir vigtha

The buds from the tree spring to life

She: Tosoch amcho mog kednach soptolo

And likewiase our love will never end

He: Pausacho ghosghosko mogacho koddkoddo

Gushing of the Heavy Rains and loves trembling's

She: Niz mog korem doshi korunk zhaina

True love cannot be set apart


Tuzo muzho mog

Yours and my love

Mhojo tujho mog

Mine and your love

kai boro cholta

How well it blossoms

Tum ani hanv

You and me

hanv ani tum

Me and you

Moganu samballta

Preserve our Love

.... more lyrics in future


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