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Mogan podlim (fell in Love)

Mogan podlim

Mogan Podlim (fell in Love) an evergreen song, of falling love just like that, Original Singer: Lorna Cordeiro. Vocalist: Melanie Pereira

Credit: Mellow Moments

Lyrics with English translation for global audience, vid will load in few secs.


Mogan podlim bulloinastanam,

fell in love without coaxing

Tujea lagim uloinastanam,

without speaking with you

Eka Mekak polloinastanam,

without seeing each other

Love you mhunnon kolloinastanam,

said " love you" without knowing each other

Uloinastanam, mog tuzo maka,

With out speaking your love for me

Polloinastanam, mozoi mog tuka,

Without seeing each other so is my love for you

Poilelim tor eka meka,

If we had seen each other

Kitem zaupachem sangonk naka.

what could have been, we do not know

Mogan podlim kovonastanam,

fell in love without knowing each other

Eka mekak mevonsatanam,

Without meeting each other

Motorani bonvonastanam,

without driving in our car

Mogacho kheu khevo nastanam.

Love play without playing

Mevo nastana, mog tuzo maka

without meeting, you love for me

Bonvo nastana mozoi mog tuka

without dating so is my love for you

Meulelim tor eka meka

If we had met each other

Kitem zaupachem sangonk naka

what could have happened we don't know

Mogan podlim ollkonastanam

fell in love without acquaintance

Ghor tujem dekho nastanam

without visiting your home

Zath tuji noko astanam

without knowing your caste(community)

Gunn tuje chakonastanam

without experiencing your virtues

Ollkonastanam mog tuzo maka

without acquaintance your love for me

Noko astanam mozoi mog tuka Without knowing so is my love for you

Punn meulelim tor eka meka

But if we had met each other

Kitem zaupachem sangonk naka

what would have happened, cannot say


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