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Mogan Ami Podlim (we fell in love)

Mogan Ami Podlim

Mogan Ami podlim ( We fell in love) a Konkani love ballad where dreams and and love meet.

main Cast: Emmanuel Antao and Sienna Antao Composer/vocalist: Emmanuel Sidney Antao

lyrics with English translation for global audience, vid will load in few secs.


Fatonder utlom moga

I woke up my love from the....

kitem mhun sangoum tukam

what can I tell you

sopon monantlem fatt sodinam

the dream does not leave alone

rupkar tuzo dolleam mukhar

your visage glimmers in front of my eyes.

chorus 1

Tunv eilem uloilem

You came, you spoke

hanslem ani roddlem

you laughed and cried

Vengent mhoje evun boslem

in my arms you cradled

Embrace divun bez gheun

with your embrace and your kiss

Mogachem utor dilem.(mm mm m)

You gave me the word of love.

Sodankal mogan ravchim

always remain in intimacy and love

borobor jivith sarchim

together we'll spend our lives

koxtt dukh eilear somzun gheunchim

If troubles and pain comes we'll understand

sangatan sogleak bhovchim

together we'll travel around.

Chorus 2

Hathak hath dhorun

holding hands

Pavlar pavl marun

with foot steps ahead together

soginth vaztalem sorgar thavn

choir from heaven will descend

Don kalzam ek zalim

two hearts became one

Mogan ami podlim (x3)

And we fell in love.....


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