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Mogachi Vatt (Love's Journey)

Mogachi Vatt

Mogachi Vatt ( love's journey) a melodious wedding special/duet for a couple on their big day.

credit: Johnny B Gud/ Square Heads band.

Lyrics with English translation for global audience, vid will load in few secs.


ghevun dogainim hath, kelli ami survatt

holding each other hands, we began our journey

Chollea mogachi vatt, soddchinium sangat

lets walk love journey, never leaving our company

Niz mog ho dogaincho, poillech noddrek zallo

this true love, the two of us, was love at first sight

jurament ami devun, sacrament zoddlo

giving our vows, we fulfilled our sacrament


Sonvasar aslo turo tuvem kella puro eavun jivitan

my empty, you filled it full coming into my life

sangat meutoch tuzo, anvddo zallo puro

with your companionship , my desires came true

ravun tujea gopanth

to remain in your arms

sopna amchi aiz puri zallim , vangent tujea hanv nachtelim

our dreams have come true today, in your arms I will dance

Molbaaille noketre ... govai dettelim

the stars in heaven , will be our witness

.. ........... ravon donue dis rath

............ together we remained day and night

don khallzancho bandpass mogan soddta ulhas

two hearts tied in a knot, sigh in love

jivit sarchem mogan, ailear passun tufan

live our life in love, even during the storms

tujoch mog kortolo , sangtam juramentan

I will love you alone, I declare my vows



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