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Mog tum Mhozo (You're my love)

Mog tum Mhozo

Mog tum Mhozo Romantic Goan Konkani song again with rhythmic beat and engaging couple Wilbur & Delisha. the lyrics in sync with the times, Facebook and Instagram messages that facilitates easy meetup.

with lyrics & translation for global audience

credit to JD Production Trevor Dias, Vocalist : Pierson D'Costa, vid will load in few secs


poilench tuka deklan

hanvem cafe londonak

when I saw you for the first time at Cafe London

tuji sobitai polluen tuem gellem muzhea monnahant

seeing your beauty, you snuggled in my mind

tuzea friendan ullo kello

tukach tujear navan

you friend called you name

instagram facebookar soddlen

and I searched on facebook and Instagram


mogan tuzea kallzan pettla uzo

my heart is lit with fire

poilech paut moga niz mog kella tuzo

for the first time I known, a true love

tuka poilar xivai...moga muzo

and I cannot live without seeing you

I love you baby

Mog tum Mhozo

you are my love

instragmar tuka hanv request dadlo

I sent you a request on Instagram

velle laili nastan request accept kello

without any delay, you accepted my request

soddanch chukoe nastana tuka message galtaloem

always, I would send you without fail messages

maka vodkon getto ketoch mogan reaction kello

after getting acquainted, reacted with love emoji


valentine days amchi dogainch bet zalli

On valentine day we had a date

ami dogani kallzan ek kellim

and two hearts became One

zivit bhor ek makak sangat deun chintalim

we dreamt of being together for lifetime

visvaxen dogaim pavlem fudden maulim

In faith together we 'll take the next step.


Mog tum Mhozo


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