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Mog Kudd'ddo love is blind

Mog Kudd'ddo

Mog Kudd'ddo, Love is blind and cuts across race, caste, wealth rich and poor. lively and upbeat konkani song, about a lover trying to convince his girl's Dad to accept him. Yes, Love is blind in this information age. Credit to : Friz Love and his team

Konkani lyrics & English translation for the global audience, vid will load in few secs


Mhuntat mog mhuddon kuddo

they say love is blind

Mogak dole na, kainch toh pollena

love does not have eyes, it doe not see anything

Mog zata don kallzancho

Love of two hearts

Kiteak somzona mog tum amcho

why don't you understand Our love

Pre Ch:

Doxi korunk sodlear tem zaunk diucho na

if you break us apart I will not allow

Tujea chedvacho hath hanv kedinch sodchona

your girl's hands I will never leave

Mog amcho vorsacho tujean toddunk zaucho na

Our love of so many years, you will not be able to tear us apart

Hanv tujo zanvoi zalea bogor ravcho

I will not rest till I am your son in law


Mog Kudd'ddo zalo don kallzacho

blind love of two hearts

Niz mog korta hanv tujea cheudacho

Truly I love your daughter

Ibadinakai re fudar dongaicho

do not spoil our future together

Mog kelear patok kai zobab di hea proxnacho

love is not sin, give me the answer to this question

Mog kudo hoi sonvsarant re mog kuddo

Love is blind, yes throughout the world

Kainch to pollena konn ghoro konn khalo

It does not see whether your black or white

Gorib girestank mog soggleank ek sarko

poor rich is the same for love

Kiteak mandun ghena ho mog re amcho

why don't you understand the love of ours


kuxal dortolo, vavurtolo Kainch na unne taka kortolo

I will keep her happy, I will work, she will not be lacking in anything

Fokot zai mhaka besanv tujem

all I am asking is your blessing

Na polon vortolo, Fuddo kortolo

I will not run away..........

Moga passot hanv zuztolo

I will fight for my love



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