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Love me today N everyday Konkani/English

Love me today N everyday

Love me today N everyday Lively blend of Konkani and English lyrics sung from the heart

Vocals: Johnny B Gud/ Reza P Fernandes Cast: Maverick Alvares/ Astria Fernandes.

snippets of Lyrics to sing along and translation in English for Global audience , vid will load in few secs.


tum ani hnav, hanv ani tum

you and me me and you

mogachem somdiran amche tarrun

Our boat sails in the love's ocean

ekvott amcho ossoch ravun

let our love remain as always

khalliz boreaa voh Dorea assa rund

lets fill our hearts with as wide as the Ocean

sukti bhokti sukti devun

to high and low tide .. tide low

kitench lagun sangat visorchi nui

for whatever reason, our union we'll not forgot

Khallzan vanvta sukhan dukhan

hearts flows through joys and sorrows

mogachem dirr voir kaddea ...

As we walked down the memories

remember we smiled so tenderly

hearts bound together to eternity

just me and you, just you and me

Mog and ragg, ragg paliotoch,

love and anger, anger subsides

Khorea mogachi he zatalii vollokh

true love will be acquainted

kednai hasta kednai rodtha

sometimes loves, sometimes cries

punn ekvottan pois korta kallock

but together the darkness cast far away

rath ani Dis Dis ani rath

night and day day and night

Gottai mevta tuzo hath

feel secure with your hands

bettoine Donia sassanchi vatt

dedicate to God our eternal path

ekamaka chi soddchi nui sangat

we'll never leave each other's company

As we walked down the memories

remember when we smiled so tenderly

hope that our love last till eternity

just me and you just you and me

..tum ani ragg..... rag ani tum

you and anger anger and you

Mogachi pavllam kednai astai zodd

sometimes love footsteps are laden

zitllem kost ponne titloch mog chodd

the more the hardship more the love

xevta khosta chem folll hasta..

in the end is the fruit of love

Dee tuzo hath hath tuzo dee

give me your hand

pois uddon eai sukkknai proim

lets fly far just like the birds

Eksuro zaun nui tumand hanv

we'll never be alone

moropurian zaunchim nah doxi

till we die we'll never separate


come hold my hand lets fly away

where two hearts beat and gently sway

lord I will pray of yesterday love me today

for everyday


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