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Lisboa song yearning for Lisbon, lorna

Lisboa song

Lisboa song, this is popular Konkani Lorna song, yearning for Lisboa or Lisbon to meet her lover

sung by Kavshmi Pai Fondekar, at melodious Voice of Goa, Curchorem. Our exotic Goan Hindu gal hitting high notes.we have an awesome generation,

credit to Paul Carvalho


Lisboa (Lisbon ) Sodanch chintalim vetelim mhunnon re Lisboa, always dreamt to go to Lisbon(Portugal) Nouro assa thuimsor, anv assa re Goa My lover is in Lisbon while I am in Goa Chintlelem chintop purem zalear puro re Deva, make my wishes come true , Please God Khoxi zatelim, polloun tem Lisboa. I'l be happy when I reach Lisbon

Despez zalear zaum, thoimsor anv vetelim, I don't care about the cost, I 'll reach there somehow Noureak meutoch anv, kazarui zatelim, I'll my meet my lover and I'll marry him Lisboa cho ganv, khoxen anv poitelem I'll be happy to see Lisbon Poitoch Lisboa, viva re Goa, ghara ietelim Once I see Lisbon, Viva re Goa, I'll come Home.


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