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Khuxal Anondbhorit Natalam

Khuxal Anondbhorit Natalam

Khuxal Anondbhorit Natalam Happy and Joyful Christmas, a melodious konkani Xmas carol

and heartwarming carol lyrics Credit: Fr. Arvino Fernandes & the Choir

Carol lyrics with English translation for global audience, vid will load in few secs.


Devan ia monnisachea mogan

God the father in love with humankind

sonvsaran tho ailo monnisea soimbhan

Came into this world in human flesh

monniseak gavun aplia gopant

happy to embrace us in his arms

Jezu ailo sonvasaran

Lord Jesus came into this world.


khuxal anondbhorit natalan

happy and joyful Christmas

tumkan ani anvddatean

we wish you from the heart

natalanchi urba ani mog

Christmas zeal and love

tujea kuttumbak ami sodanch magtaum.

For your family we always pray


Ballok ani Raza nidlollo

Baby and Prince was asleep

Marieak susege santosh bogllo.

Mother Mary was happy and contented




maria vorvim Jezu sonvsaran zolmollo

Through Mary our Lord was born in this world

Bapacho mog munniseak gavun ailo

To bring forth our Heavenly Father's Love

amche kuttumban zolmon gettolo

we will be born in our home

taka gavun kuttumb.bhuznik .. toir amcho

and we are ready to receive him joyfully.



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