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kazarachem utor Tum Mojem Sukh

kazarachem utor Tum Mojem Sukh

kazarachem utor Tum Mojem Sukh, A relaxed rendition of our classic konkani songs Kazarechem Utor & tum Mojem sukh by Bros & Sister duo and their band Black Sapphire

all credit to this young and very popular band

kazarachem utor Tum Mojem Sukh

when neighbors fall in Love, vid will load in few secs



Mojea ghora samkar tujem ghor,

my house is next to yours

Socallim utton tujer ghaltam nodor,

i wake up in the morning to gaze at you

Mojem ghor tujea ghora tenkon vor,

please move my house still closer to yours

Kedna diuxi kazarchem utor.

when will you promise to marry me

Yeo moga danvon,

come my love rushing

panch paunde devon, Ani konnak pollenakai

down the steps and do not look at any anyone



Mog koslo tho, ailo kollon, Eka meka kedna ami mellot.

can't imagine how deeply we fell in love, surely we'll meet and be one.

2 : Tum Mojem Sukh

Tum mojem sukh div nakai dukh,

You're my happiness, do not cause me sorrow(pain)

Tum mozo rukh lagona bhuk,

You nourish me and I will never hunger

Tuje vinnem sonvsar sogloch dista kalluk,

Without you its just darkness all over

Tum mojem ful tum ek bulbul, tujea mogan anv zalam gul,

You re my flower, my nightingale I am lost in love with you.

Tuje mukhar mannka mojea anv zomnichi dull.

Sant pollunk distai jivo sant,

Saint you're vision of a living saint

killnakai dant, kuddik suntlo akant

don’t gnash your teeth and leave me in a panic

Moddd mogachea somdirant

Storm, in the midst of ocean of love

Modd zalam thor, maka ghott dhor, jieumchim sukhan

In the midst of storms, hold me tight, and we'll live together in peace


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