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Happy And Prosperous New Year 2021

As we lurch into the New Year, undoubtedly Year 2020 will be remembered as a sobering nightmare.

the like of which we had not seen or experienced in our life times ,

As it stands now, close to 83 millions infected and slowly approaching 2 Millions in fatalities.

Hopefully, the New Year is time for healing and rejuvenation.

Unlike, in ancient times, people who suffered, died and those who survived the pandemic and deadly plagues did not have the edge of science and technology as we now have at our disposal and in our arsenal, the vaccines that have been distributed now globally, which otherwise normally takes years to optimize could be harnessed in matter of months.

Happy and Prosperous, Healthy year ahead h to you and keep us in mind as we continually update our site with the best Goa has to offer in its artistic dimension.

stay Safe!!!



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