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The American frontiers, Once upon a time in West

The American frontiers, Ennio Morricone stirring musical composition, " Once upon a time in West" captures the indefatigable spirit of pioneers, cowboys who laid the bare foundation to a great human enterprise that will shape the present contours of our humanity.

These were immigrants from across the Atlantic, when seaborne voyages were long, arduous and farewells were forever, to their homeland, you never made it home again, for a stake in "the piece of wilderness". Did they have a clue, the eternal why?

yes, there will be critics, the harm caused to the natives, slaves but the tip of arrow points ahead, you don't see a waterfall in the reverse. and restlessness that clothes individualism will override contentment for staid primitive ways, travel on horse backs and sail boats have given way to jetliners. Hamlet "There's a divinity that shapes our ends, Rough-hew them how we will.".

and Divinity will triumph over critic's archaic karmic laws of retribution,


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