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Argentina, World Cup Winners 2022

Unforgettable World Cup final 2022, Don't cry Argentina, hug, smile, weep, the tears of joy, laugh,sing, rejoice.and tango all night

Argentinian's relentless pursuit and determination to Win, with Messi in command to turn the French raging tide to take home, the Glittering World Cup to delight of football fans around the world.

It was gut wrenching to watch till the last minutes, as France would not let go off the Argentinian's Sleeves.. As they clung ferociously with Mbappe in counter attack. In the end the Penalty shoot outs Argentinians proved their mettle to knock the France off into the dust..

But all the more, it was even more enjoyable with Peter Drury's commentary, the Poets brush that made this spectacular sport even more endearing, for every race, tribe of mankind, the rich and the poor with over 5 billions of the world population, last WC and even more now in WC 2022, glued and mesmerized with this 'jogo bonito" . It does not need half time shows of depraved half naked artists to entice and seduce(ha)

yes, "Messi has pitched his tent in paradise..." and for a moment, we were all Argentinians.


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