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Fotkiro Mog/Noxibak roddtam (of cheating love)

Fotkiro Mog

Fotkiro Mog/Noxibak roddtam of cruel heartbreaks

when love goes bad. and you realize it never was

best you can do, sing your woes. melodious voice of Veeam Braganza, Goa's popular vocalist to drown your sorrows originally singer: Lorna Cordeiro Credit : Jazz Goa. ver 2.0 Mark Revlon lyrics with English translation, vid will load in few secs


Kantar korun, dis moje sartam,

I spend my time singing sad song

Chintun mogaaaaaaa, noxibak roddtam

when I think, I cry for my fate

Kallzan than mog kelo, jurament dilo,

I loved you from the bottom of my heart, made promises

obghat tuvem kelo, kallzak toploi bhaalo

but you betrayed me, my heart pierced with an arrow

Molbailea neketrar, zaleli jurar

on a night full of stars, we made our vows

Zaumchim noi mhunn ami, kednach separar

that we'll never remain separated

Fotkiro mog kori, ghott mhaka vengent dhori,

with cheating heart, you loved and held me in your close embrace

Ata rodtam, anv dukhamcho zhori

Now I cry fountain of tears

Kitlem kalliz nibol, aikon khobor,

how cruel your heart, learning the news

Sandlem mhunnon mhaka, zalem zobor.

that you left me, I am devastated


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