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Fokot Tunch (Only You)

Fokot Tunch

Fokot Tunch( Only you) A Goan love song in konkani dedicated to lovers all over.

Vocalist & cast: Benisco Fernandes, Joyvi Fernandes

lyrics with translation for global audience, vid will load in few secs.


Tunch uzvad mojea jivitacho

you are light of my life

Tunch suskar mojo

you are the breath of my life

Tuka poitoch tondar ieta hanso

when i gaze at you, I smile

Tujea oslem kon na anik sobit

there is no one as beautiful as you

Tukach betoilam kalliz

I dedicate my heart to you

Tujea sarkem chedum mevunk mushkil

to meet a girl like you is difficult


Fokot tunch moga

Just you alone

Tunch mojea jivitachi rani

You are the queen of my life

Dogaini suru koria

the two of us let's begin

Amchea mogachi kanni (x2)

Our own Love story

Kalzant shapla tuzo rupkar

in my heart imprinted your visage

Tunch zai dolleam samkar

Need you alone for my eyes to gaze on

Tu Disona Tor Jiv Zatha Fugar

If I don't see you my life is in distress

Cholumia devachea pavlar

let's walk in God's footsteps

Sodanch koruia rozar

Let's always pray

Ekuch kiss divun kor maka khuxal

Just one kiss and make me happy



Poilech nodrek mog zalo tuzo

It was love at first sight

Tujea mogan kalzak petla uzzo

I heart is inflamed in love with you

Sodanch osoch mog tu kor re mozo

Always love me the same way

Fokot Tunch zai anik naka dusro

Just you and no one else


Fokot tunch moga

Tunch mojea jivitachi rani

Dogaini suru koria

Amchea mogachi kanni (x2)


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