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Dorieachea Larari (Upon the waves of the sea)

Dorieachea Larari

Goa's heart touching song, the vows the couple make in their courtship. The bond that fasten forever, the magical voice of Anouskha Sequeira Vaz & Chris Vaz / One man band

credit to : John Anthony Lopes.

lyrics with English translation, vid will load in few secs.


Dorieachea larari, Upon the waves of the sea, Chondrimanchea uzvaddari, In the light of the moon, Heam mojeã kensanche pantieri Upon this strand of my hair, Jurar zatam tujeach re tujeach mucari I give an oath in your presence.

Ch: Eu re moga, choi re maca, Come my love, look at me, Mogache dolle lai re maca. Look at me with your loving eyes.

Anjo tum Arcanjo, An angel, an Archangel, Querobim adoraru, An adorable Cherubim, Ho ecuch amcho pacto, This our union is unique, Juramento zait re sagrado. Our oath will be sacred.

Ratrich nident ãum sopnetam, At night I dream during my sleep, Utton abras diuncheac vettam, Getting up I go to embrace you, Zaguim zaun ãum fottoutam, When I wake up I feel deceived, He martir tucach té bettoitam. These my sufferings I offer to you.

Dorieachea Larari


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