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Cu cu ru cu cu (a konkani birdie song )

Cu cu ru cu cu

Cu cu ru cu cu ( a Birdie konkani song) to cheer the heartbroken and the lonely.

Original Composer: the legendary Chris Perry and a wonderful exhibition

by Vocalist : Nadia Rebello, Omar de Loiola Pereira – Vocals & Acoustic guitar Selwyn Menezes – Mandolin

lyrics with English composition, vid will load in few secs.


Sonvsar ho fotkiro mhunnon, oxem maka dislam

the world is full of Deceit, I have come to realize

Cheddachea mogan poddon, zaite pautti foslam

I have fallen in love and many times cheated

Anik maka mog naka mhunnon, ugich antam boslam

I do not need anymore of this love, I am just going to sit quiet

Vell mozo sarunk, mog to korunk, sukhnnem poslam

to pass my time and to love I have adopted a birdie instead


Magir tem kantar korta

and the birdie sings

cu ru cu cu, cu ru cu u, cu ru cu cu


Zaitea cheddeanim re maka jurament passun dillo

many boys have given their vows

Kazar zatam mhunnon fottoun maka gello,

with false promises of marriage they left me

Anik baba mog maka naka, jiv bejar zallo

I do not want anymore of this love, my life in despair

soggleank soddun, sukhnneak dhorun,panzreean galllunk, tacho mog kello

leaving behind, adopting a birdie, in the cage, I have loved her instead.


Kai borem sukhnnem re mojem, vell mozo sarta

how good the birdie mine, to spend my time

Sokallim uttlem muntoch kanataram korta

when I wake up, she starts singing

kantaram aikon tachi, jiv koshen borta

when i listen to her song, my life fills with happiness

phew phew korun, fuineom ghalun ulo marta

with birdie chirping, whistling she beckons



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