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Cu Cu ru cu Konkani heartbreak song

Cu Cu ru cu

Cu Cu ru cu, There are songs and then there are Goan

songs to cheer bleeding, saddened desolate hearts.

If you experiencing a heartbreak, here is a song that will

soften your hurt and pain.

Credit to Mesha Philipine and Jazz Goa

version 2.0 (Sounds from Goa)

Lyrics with English translation, vid will load in few secs


Sonvsar ho fottkiro mhunnon, oxem maka dislam,

the world is full of liars, I have come to believe Cheddvamchea mogan poddon, zaite pautti foslam, I have fallen in love and many times I was fooled Anik maka mog naka mhunnon, ugich antam boslam, I do not need anymore of this love, I am just going to sit quiet Vell mozo sarunk, mog tho korunk, sukhnnem poslam. to pass my time and to love I have adopted a birdie

Chorus Magir tem kantar korta, and the birdie sings cu cu ru cu cu, cu cu ru cu cu, cu ru cu cu.........,


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