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Covid & Vaccines

"Individuals who receive one shot of the Covid-19 vaccine and have never been infected by the virus could be very vulnerable to new variants, according to a new UK study."

"The scientists found that people who had NOT previously been infected by Covid-19 showed very low levels of neutralizing antibodies"

Researchers at Imperial College and other Universities in London.

Yes, you need to get yourself infected first with the Wild Virus and survive and then hobble across for the jab. And if 1st jab wasn't good enough the 2nd, the 3rd, 4th . We are in it for long haul, because variants will be a normal fixture now.

Nevertheless, there are around 129 Millions Covid Vets now, who without vaccine, battled the real dreaded Virus and survived, the Biological WW 3, that sadly wiped out 3 million people. Its too late for them, the vulnerables have been decimated.

The whole purpose behind vaccine was to prep up the vulnerable in the population to fight the real monster, the dreaded Virus and not the other way round, on the back of mother's nature herd immunity which is proving to be more potent than our feeble attempt to draw out the immune Covid fighters, out in open with our vaccines.

"Alright Covid Vet, you fought the WW3 and now fight this little mock battle with vaccine which will crop up bit and pieces of the virus through our m-RNA which burrows deep into our cells and nucleus. . We are absolutely certain you' can do it, and we will take credit for the vaccine. Yes it works !!

Gone are the days of Louis Pasteur and others scientists and their profound contribution to science, the vaccine they developed were the attenuated or weakened pathogens or virus which they injected in the person which traversed along our blood streams and our body responded quickly surrounding and neutralizing the enemy and remembered the fire power or antibodies needed to fight the next good fight with the Wild Wild virus .this is how many diseases were, wiped out .

Unlike the modern hi tech m-RNA or DNA vaccines that burrows into the cell and into the nucleus and force the cells to make body parts of virus to draw our immune fighters > double whammy for the cells. they have to produce the enemy and then fight it..

And which cell tissues do they dig into? . Is it the heart muscles, liver tissue , kidney tissues. .its anybody's guess? .The vaccine development process normally takes 4-5 years to gauge for safety and efficacy. We really don't know the future adverse events for these modern hi tech vaccines.. Traditional approach at vaccine development would have been more suitable.

True scientific research does not need PR attempts, truth will always triumph in the end. Science didn't haul a ton into the air, with Media trumpets. True science gave us our aircrafts. After thousand failures and more. Never shy at looking at the failures and learning from it.




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