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Covid-19 the Bats offers Clues

One of the most honest and trail blazing research I've read about this Virus, that's afflicting us. we have to be humble to learn from the bats, they are only mammals like us, our closest cousin in mother nature, who seem to have survived this dreaded Virus..

it all boils down to our immune system, according to Harvard research there is no vitamins, therapies to boost immune system and why would you want boost your immune system?? , when in its hyper active state it kills the Covid 19 patients with cytokine storm. Its not virus that is killing but its our immune system so why feed it vitamins to boost it.??

but there is one caveat , Our immune system has to be nudged into action and bats do it by flying around. And their immune system goes into overdrive at first instance, at BASE ONE itself there is no delay involved for virus to settle down and invade your cells and then for the whole body erupts in a fit of rage with the suicidal cytokine storm at BASE TWO I am not saying the whole lock down has been detrimental. but its important we do our exercise even if we are confined in our homes due to this lock down. Exercise that's sets your pulse running and your lungs humming. Yes we have to take all precaution as mandated ,but exercise is THE important factor to fight this Virus.



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