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Covid-19 Risks & Exercise

staying up to date with COvid19 one of the best advice in these difficult times “Physical activity is actually a treatment we use in the hospital on COVID-19 patients,” she added. “Double down on your healthy habits. It will only help.” its commonsense -if you run down the list of CDC's Co-morbidities -vascular dementia

- cardiovascular issues -pulmonary issues -liver and kidneys malfunctions -cancer -diabetes -pregnancy -sickle cell disease -immune compromised, HIV

the one common factor in these co-morbidities is loss of blood supply or restricted blood circulation. Infants and youth have robust blood circulation. the best analogy is in the battlefield ,if supplies lines are cut off , the battle is lost. provoking our immune systems with vaccines may have some benefits but still some have not survived, even after post-vaccination and experts confirm, its not 100% certainty. Some perished because of it, this provocation can go bit far with blood clots .In actual vaccine development it takes 5 yrs to gauge for safety and efficacy. so get your blood supplies lines cracking again with exercise


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