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Claudia Mogachea, Claudia my love

Claudia Mogachea

A dear song we grew up on, remember the school days and listening to songs wafting through the old radio. While studying, we would shut our books and stop for while and listen to this song. Enchanting recreation: By Cannon D'Souza and Chrisha lobo.

lyrics with English translation, vid will load in few secs


Claudia Mogachea, urbeborit jiv assa mozo,

Claudia my love, my life is brimming with joy

Claudia niz mojea, dolleamcher

xapla rupkar tuzo

Claudia my truly, in my eyes is engraved your vision

Claudia kallzant yea, mogacho petton assa uzo,

Claudia in my heart, love has kindled

Claudia poi anjea, mog amcho mataro zai nezo,

Claudia, look angel, Our love must not grow old

Maupassant, nivta tan,

with affection quenches our thirst

jivit amchem nhoim ek sopon

Our life is not easy

Bhurgim tan, sangatan, balo don kallzant assa topon

from our child hood our hearts were pieced with cupids with arrows

Onodan, noxiban, ghutt amcho uro nezo lipon,

with pride, as fate would have it our secret cannot remain hidden

Vhodlo maan, sonvsarant, boreponn dovrit zalear vompon,

Great respect, in this world for the one who grows with goodness

Claudia, Dev Bapan, rochleant ektaim jieunk ami,

Claudia God the Father has created us for each other

Kitem zanv, dhor tensanv, fokot moron ghalit dukani,

whatever happens, tensions surround, only death can cause sorrow

Claudia tujem nanv, sodanch kheuta mojea vontanim,

Claudia, your name always plays on my lips

Gorib anv, zannam ganv, mogan girest sorvoi vattanim

I am poor, the village know, but with love I am richer in every way

Claudia Mogachea

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