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Chitti (Love notes) Ageema

Chitti   (Love notes) Ageema

The music the voices and the scenery that swirls and caresses this beautiful couple. the Angelic sound of our Konkani language, Nurtured and evolved to perfection amongst Goan Catholics, no other language can soothe your souls like ours

Credit to Ageema Fernandes Jose Rod

lyrics with English translation for global audience, vid will load in few secs.



Rathe bhor needun thoir

mevunk evunk na

All night long sleepless night

Kalliz khoxem madta uddtam, chitti tujea ravtana

My heart leaps for joy, waiting for your letter

Mogan jivit mhojem rongoitnan sopna mhuje sopoitana

With love you decorate my life and fulfill my dreams

Kannar tuzich utram

Your words in my ears


Tum mhojer chiradtai , punn hanssot tujho kevta kannar

You are my.. But your laughter rings in my ears

Thunch hojo sokal tunch mhuje rathe…..

You are my morning and my night

Tujho sanghat soddche na

Your company I will not leave

Tunch mhojea dhir adhar mhojo suskar

You are my strength, help and my breathe

Kahlliz hem uddtam panka passon takha naslear.

This heart of mine flies without even wings

She ….

Eh lahram akho sombdir bhovone eita

This waves traverse the seas

Sodanch mhoje recade poita

Always gives me regards

Kednai tukha dita

Sometimes it gives you

Chorus ( both)

Eim chitole Chandnam

This pure moonlight

Tujheo rupkar uzvad takai

Your sight lights it.......

Chondrim koso tuem maka kallokan sovaskai

Like the moon your are my light and guide

Mog tujo nirmole pois assun passun dita ghottai

Your love is pure even when far away, it gives me strength

Sat sombdir pois tunch maka zai

Faraway in the sea, I need you alone.


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