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Bonderam Festival ( flag festival)

Rhythmic dance to song by Men machine Goan Band

Bonderam Festival

with their original composition

"render", to honor our ordinary workers who climb the coconut palm tree to pluck coconut or to extract toddy juice for fermentation to produce the alcoholic drinks (feni).

The flag festival or Bonderam festival in Divar Island of Goa.

the lyrics with English translation are kind of fun and silly, sing along, vids will load in few secs



Choi Choi Choi oh

render maddar choddta

look, look, look toddy tapper is climbing the coconut palm tree


2)Maddar choddun poi xevtto galta

On climbing the

tree he extracts the toddy juice (by cutting the bark)

2) Ch:

Sango roza, Xemai mujhea .ordo killo ..konga (sanna) ukodlea, todi barik, todi moti .....dakta fokot ...

Tell me Rosa, my Gradma has boiled half kilo of some sweet potatoes(Sanna) , some small, some large.


Gora na Kale na , yen cheddun konallem? yen cheddun konallam?

she is not fair, she is not dark, whose daughter is She?

2) ch:

Paus podta Oth yeta yen mazor kassolem?

Its raining while the sun is shining,, what kind of Cat showers ?


sokhan zace zall re Kanvle rodota

poder azun pit kaloita

at the break of dawn the crows are cawing and the baker is still mixing the flour

Bai gho Rosa

mogan tujhea

sangtulo pisso zalle

dear Rosa I am crazy in love with you

yen kalliz mogan

this heart of mine in love

lasta uzo petla so dista

seems like its on fire


choi choi choi render maddar choddta



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