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Ami Goychim Vavraddill (Goan traditional song)

Ami Goychim Vavraddill

Ami Goychim Vavraddill (we are Goa's traditional vendors)

lively song/dance to honor and keep alive the traditional occupations. Fulkarn: Angie alphonso Nustekarn:Azaniah Rodrigues, Kazukarn: Valanka Rodrigues,Xetkarn: Jenisa D'souza. credit: Fr. Roger Ferns

Snippets of lyrics with English translation, vid link will load in few secs.


fulkarn bai hanv ghanvan pernechem

I am a flower girl from village of Perne

fullam vikunk bhointa hanv tumche vaddear

I wander around selling flowers in your area

chedvam baillo polluen bostat sopoear

girls and ladies sit and await for my flowers

fullem gavun hanv ailem tumchea panvdear

I have come carrying flowers at your doorsteps

.. maka ullo kelo, hatant mhujea .. tapear zhelo

called me in my hands the garland of flowers

Minin poluen maka hanslo..Mogacho . tav khallzan ullo

Menino smiled looking at me . the heartbeats of love remain in my heart

....nustekarn bhai Al......

I am fisherwoman from.....

bhoitan gavun sokani sanzchem

I wander around from morning to evening

Nuste mhojem taje vellechem

my fish is fresh from the sea

bhurgean uddik saudichem

it is very healthy for the kids

Milan maka awaz dillo khoslem nustem vichar kello

Milan beckoned me, he enquired what type of fish

tambe sungtan,mankeo lappeo

red prawns, squids and soal fish

divun lokak pantlo ordo kello

selling my fish my baskets is half empty

Abolim sobit mhojem Nhanv

Abolim lovely is my name

caju ne borla amcho ghanv

our village is filled with caju trees

feni kadune ghanvant vikta hanv

I distill feni and sell to the village

sodanch dondho korun poise mezta hanv

I do my business and count my money without fail

chiddun moddun korta churo

We crush the caju fruits with our boots

bhurge eiatat pivpak amghe Niro

the boys come in to drink the Niro

combo pedru mari dollo

the player Pedro winks at me

festa sobona nazallear amghe soro

the feast does not shine without our Feni

xetkarn hanv bhai Sastiche

I am peasant girl from Salcette


xettant ghaltat khot boilanche

We plough the fields with buffaloes



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