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Mog E Fogo (Love is fire )

Mog E  Fogo

Mog E Fogo (Love is fire that consumes) a soulful wedding special, dedicated to couples on their blissful day. Love consumes like warm embers glowing in a fireplace. vocalist/composer: Kev Amor, Cast: Kev Amor Velency Barreto.

lyrics with English translation for global audience, vid will load in few secs.


Moga tum mevon maka sonvsar mhozo bodol’la

my love since I met you, my whole world has changed

Devachem bessaum gheun aiz ami, ekvott zodla sasnancho

with God's blessings we became One eternally

Jivitant zaitem dukh ani sukh ailem

In my life I faced lot of pain and joy

Noxibant oi mhojea fokot tunch aslelem

in my fate there was only you.

Mog khoro kortam hanv tuzo

I love you truly

Dis ani rath sodankal rauchim sangatan

day and night we'll always remain together


Niz mog zalo aiz don kallzancho

true love was born today of two hearts

Kallzachea ekvottacho

Union of hearts

Amchea mogachea sopnacho

our love dreams true today

Moga dis ho aiz amcho

my love this days is ours

Mog uzzo, Mog uzzo

love on fire,,, love inflamed

Moga dis ho aiz amcho

my love this day is ours

Amor é fogo, que arde sem se ver

love inflamed which consumes without being seen

Chamas espalha nossa felicidade nossa alegria

the flames disperse our joy and happiness

Niz mog zalo aiz don kallzancho

Kallzachea ekvottacho

Amchea mogachea sopnacho



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