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Adeus Korcho vellu paulo -Cuca Roseta

Adeus Korcho vellu  paulo

Adeus Korcho vellu paulo ( time for farewell) our plaintive song in konkani with special touch and finesse from a world renowned Fado singer, Model, Actress Cuca Roseta.

Lyrics with translation for global audience, vid will load in few secs.


chorus: Adeus korcho vellu paulo,} The time has come to say goodbye --Ai mojem kalliz re fapsota } ..2 --This heart of mine is beating.

Dispedir korchea vellar …….} --At this moment of saying farewell, Ho sonvsar naka-so disota…}…2 --I don't feel like living in this world

anymore. Chorus Vochu re voch re roddum naka } --Go, Go my love don't cry, Devu feliz kortolo tuka }..2 ---God will make you happy.

Forsan adeus tuka kortam } --With reluctance I say farewell to you. Fugar zaun, dukam re golloitam }.. 2 ---Suffocated, I melt into tears

Zaite martir hanv bogitam }-- I am suffering many a martyrdoom, Ankvarponn tukach re bhetoitam. }..2 -This my faithfulness, I dedicate to you alone

Ch: Vochu re voch re roddum naka Devu feliz kortolo tuka


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