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Adeus Korcho Vellu Paulo (sad farewell song)

Adeus Korcho Vellu Paulo

There is certain poignancy to adieus or good byes, when we part for work or perhaps a long deployment, and who could forget, while we watched in horror, the gut wrenching goodbyes to their love ones from towers and airplanes on Sept 11. the fragility of our lives.. it could well be the last time, the last dress she wore, the tears welling up in the sad brown eyes, the sobs, the hallowed emotions in this farewell song of ours.. Credit to Jazz Goa, singer: Queenie Fernandes lyrics with English translation, vids will load in few secs ver 2.0 Cuca roseta


chorus: Adeus korcho vellu paulo,} --The time has come to say goodbye Ai mojem kalliz re fapsota } ..2 --This heart of mine is beating. Dispedir korchea vellar …….} --At this moment of saying farewell, Ho sonvsar naka-so disota…}…2 --I don't feel like living in this world

anymore. Chorus Vochu re voch re roddum naka } --Go, Go my love don't cry, Devu feliz kortolo tuka }..2 ---God will make you happy. Forsan adeus kortam tuka } --With reluctance I say farewell to you. Fugar zaun, dukam re golloitam }.. 2 ---Suffocated, I melt into tears Zaite martir hanv bogitam }-- I am suffering many a martyrdoom, Ankvarponn tukach re bhetoitam. }..2 -This my faithfulness, I dedicate to you alone Ch: Vochu re voch re roddum naka Devu feliz kortolo tuka


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