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Zolmacho Dis Tuzo Friz Love

Zolmacho Dis Tuzo

Zolmacho Dis Tuzo (your Birthday) birthday song dedication for someone special, your spouse.

Credit: Friz Love

birthday lyrics with English translation, vid will load in few secs


suria udelo dis aiz koxecho

the sun has risen on this blissful day

dis aiz zolmancho moga tuzo

today is the day of your birth my love

devachem Dennem tum Mhaka meulem

God's gift that I have received

hath zodun magta devache Besanv

with hands folded I seek God's blessings


Zolmancho Dis tuzo

your birth day

moga koxen Dis Sarcho

my love to spend in happiness

Meullo sukh shanti borvonso

I received happiness, peace and trust

Moga mog korta tuzo

my love, I love you

tuje rup te angeache

your visage isof an angel

kalliz chodd mogachem

your heart full of love

sadem tum sobavachem

graced with simplicity

Devan Besanv tujer ghalche

may God shower his blessings on you.



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