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Wedding Toast -- Mark Revlon

Wedding Toast, NY -- Mark Revlon

Wedding Toast -- Mark Revlon, A melodious Wedding song for a beautiful couple Gladstone & Angelica in New York.

vocalist : Goa's Star Mark Revlon at his finest. Composer: Sammy Tavares Credit: Sammy Tavares

snippets of lyrics with English translation, for global audience, vid will load in few secs.


Marriages are made in heaven

but celebrated in your arms first

sacred unity of beautiful souls....

Mogan astoch kainch gommona

when in love, you do not understand anything

kitem sauli kitem tem Vott

whether its shadows or sunshine

mogacho bandpass bandhto koch

after you tie the love's knot

sassnakh urtellem mogachem foll

remain forever the fruits of love

Poilech paut bhett tumchi zalli

the first time you met in New York

dhon vorsam adim New York sharant

two years ago in New York

love at first sight mog tumcho dogaincho

Love at first sight was the love of yours.


familian tumkam mandunk gettoch

after your families accepted each other

kallzan borlim khoxechea sabaran

the hearts were filled to the brim with happiness

kai bori thi parveanche zoddi

How lovely the the pair of doves

aila dista eai hollant

that have descended in the hall

Novem paul marlam fudden sorrun

to hasten forward with new footsteps

ekmekacho hath dhorun

holding each others hand


altara samkhar dimme marun

kneeling besides the altar

I do mhunn utram ucharun tumchea bottan mudeo gallun

with vows of "I do" and putting the rings in each others fingers

Don kallzan ektain korun, korar bukar boruen

two hearts become One, and signing the Covenant in the marriage register

lhannuch porim daddy tuzo sompo

when you were young you Dad passed away

Gorabachear tuffan upraslem

your family was caught in storm

Mummy tuje khontte funtte marun

You mom worked hard hither thither

jivit tujem purzollit kellem

to make you shine in life

pilot zavnuche sopon ek aslem

to become a pilot was your dream

avtich tem vu zallem purem

in the end it was fulfilled

ghorkanchi sangatak Haddunk dhor

To keep your wife company

tujea jivitachem verem

your life's rudder

Gladstone tuvem vichar tuka sobta tosli sangatin

Glandstone your searched a partner to suits you

Borem kazari jivit jievunk sukhan saron tujem jiv

to live a good wedded life, to live you life in peace

bai Angelica motin dhor ghor sambalun borem dekh dieun

Dear Angelica bear in mind, to care of your home and to give good example

tedna sogot tuka vakhanttale tum bori mhunne ek poti

then all will commend you that your very good wife.

..gettla surya kirnnani suknee portolim ghontterani

chondrim lipla kallea kupanni ontroll zogzogtaa noketrani

the moon is hidden under the clouds and stars in heaven are twinkling

kedinche sangpak zaina uttrani, mog tho khallzan kanttoilla lettrani

We cannot express in words th love that resides deep in your hearts

ami magttelaum amchea magnaianne fokot urunk e mogache kanni

we will intercede for you in our prayers to keep this love story unending


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