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Ekvott Don Kallzancho

Ekvott Don Kallzancho

Ekvott Don Kallzancho (the Union of two hearts) an enchanting love song with heart warming chorus, ....and a captivating music that will make you replay for more. Main Cast: Ryan Vaz Maria Fernandes Vocalist: Ryan Vaz, Maria Fernandes, Voller D'Costa Credit: Ryan Vaz/ Frost Love snippets of lyrics with English translation for Global audience, vid will loading few secs


mogi ami kedanch chintum nastana

We never thought we'll be lovers

mog tho zallo nodrek nodor sandtana

we fell in love in each others gaze

utor dillem botak muddi ghaltana

We gave our word(vows) while putting the ring on the fingers

sacrament zoddlo atrar ubii astana

we fulfilled the sacrament standing before the altar

moga tuzem hanv zallem pisso

I am crazy in love with you

jivit bhor zai sangat tuzo

I need your intimacy all my life

kallzan fokot tukach dillem .....

I gave my heart just for you..

tuzea vinnem mhojean ravunk nezo

without you I cannot live


tekoun eaio dhakoi mog tuzo

lean beside me and show me your love

ekvott nirmol don kallzancho

the union of two innocent hearts

gopant tujea dhor

hold me in your embrace

suskar assot tor

till the last breathe

ossinch mog korchim jivit bhor

and this is how we'll love whole life.

molba ponddar don kallzan simpodlim

under the blue skies two hearts blended

visrunk zallem nah sopnant meutalim

we could not forget, so we met in our dreams

Igorzechea dharar axen ami ravlim

we'll await anxiously by the Church's door

vatte cholluen pavllam marunk podlim

to walk the path , with our footsteps ahead

mogan tujea hanv zallem pissim

I was madly in love with you

uchamboll zallim chintam mhojim

my mind was in turmoil

chotria zaunk divchunnna Doxim

attentively I will not allow us to part

rani hanve tuzea jivitache

I am queen of your heart.


mog kello tuzo kallzan thaun

from the depths of heart I loved you

visvas dhorchim ekmekacher

we'll have faith in each other

panvadde fuddarche cholluia sangatan

the footsteps ahead we'll wander together

vaddoll tuffan tuka ailear zallear

in the midst of storms that come your way

fudo korunk hanv toir

I am ready to fight for you

samball kortollom tuka dhorun tuka gopant

I will guard you, holding you in my embrace.



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