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Wedding special for his bride, Whitney

Adson & Whitney

A heart warming Wedding special in konkani, when a Groom sings to his bride on their First Dance.

He recounts his love of so many years and remembers the day she gave her Utor(word) of love

congrats and God Bless to Adson & Whitney credit : Bab Andrew , lyrics with translation.


escolache uniform gallun, rostean tuem chollon vosso

wearing your school uniform you'll walk on the road

hastem tujhem tem mukamol polleun hanv zalolon pisso

gazing at your smiling countenance I became crazy

"I love you" munne tuka sangonk sodhi

tujea daddy Mammiche bhirant disso\

I wanted to say "I love you" but was afraid of your Dad and mom

eskole soddo koch bus stopper tuji vatt poleun bosso

when school would end I would sit at the bus stop awaiting you

decembracher bhara tarkar tuen maka utor dillen

On December 12th you gave me your word of love

gallun maka tuven ghettoch mog . khalliz kushal zallen

on reciprocating my love,, my heart was happy

dadi ani mamin londonak vossot tuka, Khalliz mujhem hhillem

Your family, Daddy and mummy move to London scared me

Dadan mhujea maka Londonal voss, soglem sarkam zallen

my Dad too sent me to London, and everything turned out fine.

khallzan tahn mog kortolo tujho,

From the depths of my heart I will love you

tuen rani kallzachi ani hanv Raja tuzho

You are the queen of my heart and I am your king

Sobit ful soddanch mog kortolom tuzo

Beautiful flower, I will always love you

tuen rani kallzachem ani hanv raja tujo

you are the queen of my heart and I am your king

ekra vorsa ami mogan poddon

mog amcho vaddon ghello

after eleven years of dating, our love has grown

gorchean amchea adkol addunk nah

Our families did not bring any difficulties

aplo sangatt dillo

gave us their presence and well wishes.

eia dissache vatt ami poddun asli

We were waiting for this day to dawn

shaki Devan amka dis oe favo kello

finally, God made it possible for us

andson and whiteny mog molladik zallo

Anderson and Whitney love became sacrosanct

khazarak amchea ailele kup upkar atoita

those who attended our wedding our big gratitude

padri bhavani resper korun magnam tankea vakantta

Our Priestly brothers who officiated our nuptials, we commend you


Donia Devak argam ami ditam

Our Lord God we give you thanks

amche avoi and bapa kallzan tahn borem magtam

Our father and Mothers from our hearts, we pray blessings for you


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