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VOoo lala Konkani love ballad

Vooo Lala  Konkani love ballad

VOoo lala, a Konkani love ballad, struck by Cupid's arrow with English backdrop to give it a even more romantic touch, the music beat is refreshing to the ears.

Cast: Velossy Jessy Antao & Allison Dias Voclasit/composer: Jackson Viegas

Credit: JayVee ( Jackson Viegas)

Lyrics with English translation for global audience, vid will load in few secs

poilech pauti tuka poitokoch

when I saw you for the first time

Kallzak mhujea uzo petlo samko

my heart was set on fire

tukach osen mhojen dista thor

If you feel the same way

fokot ekuch mhujer mar gho nodor

just cast your gaze on just once


Oh Moga mhujea khallzachea sukha

Oh my love, my hearts delight

uzo pikta visvaxi ravlololem tuka

fire is burning, will remain faithful to you

paluenk divche nui amcho mogacho uzo

we must not douse the flames of love

Rani tu mhuje Raja hanv gho tuzo

you are my queen and I am your king

Vooo Vooo lala le

Vooo Vooo lala le

rath dis fokot tuje chitnam

day and night my thoughts are of you

tujech .vinne . ani kainch maka disti podnam

besides you, I cannot see anything else

korpak tuka mhujea sangata

to make you mine

mai pai koda tujea ulounek hanv bhie chona

I will not be afraid to speak to your mom and dad




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