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Viva Carnaval, 2018 song

Viva Carnaval, 2018  song

An invigorating theme song for Goa Carnival 2018,

Goan Carnival is one of the Popular and exuberant events when Goa lets her hair down, and all communities, in fact everyone joins in for 3 days merry making, ushered in by edict of King Momo. Life is but a party, although its commercialized much to the dismay of Goans but still its is fun.

Viva Carnaval,2018 Credit and Courtesy: Shine On Duo -Sydney, Silvia

lyrics with English translation, vid will load in few secs.


Yes, Carnaval Carnaval ,

Viva Carnaval

Dis oie aicho

Kushal kaicho

Umedin sarpacho..

Oshen nesspacho

Carnival korpacho...

2) Carnaval, Carnaval, Viva Carnaval

Well presented and executed by the Shine on duo, with the back drop of floats from every trade, occupation, religion, even foreign tourists the embrace of diversity that leads to peaceful co-existence and economic growth and vitality.


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