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Vatt Sasnachi

Vatt Sasnachi

Vatt Sasnachi ( heaven's pathway) a heart warming wedding special for lovely couple, Myra & Arfano on their blissful day, with a mellifluous performance in the background by vocalist: Dylan Rodrigues and the team and some enchanting videography, credit : Dylan Rodrigues

snippets of lyrics with translation for global audience, vid will load in few secs.


channeachi ei rath

Its a moonlit night

cholluen ailenv hatan gallun hath

we have come holding each others hand

Sorgar zogzogtta nittol kupani

heaven shines with pristine clouds

......eaita gitam mogachim

resounds with songs of love

muddi gatli Devak bhas dhivun

we exchanged rings with our vows to God

aiz ponne khabar ankwarponne

from now our single status is over

sukh dhuk ami vantto ghevuchim

Joy and pain we will share

pidden bholikhaen sangatam ravon

through sickness and health we'll remain together


mogan ami bhovchim

we'll spend our lives in love

soddanch sangatam ravchim

always remain together

vaddol mod ailear fuddo korchim

in midst of storm and tempest we'll fight

buddonk dhivchim nhoi mog mogachim

we'll not let our love sink( drown) cholluen ai vatt sasnachi

let us take the path to heaven



altara mukhar dimme gathli

we knelt in front of the altar

satvo sacrament amcho ghoddun

seventh sacrament we fulfilled

Ekvott zallo tachea besavanim

His blessings on our union

mogan magtelim boruen dennainim

we'll lovingly pray to fill our live with gifts

zaite kost addle mogak lagon

we suffered for our love

pois assun ami dogaimcho ghott

even afar we kept our bonds

chitllelim chitnam aiz purim zalle

our dreams have come true

atrek feliz zallem khazarachem sopon

in the end came true, our wedding dreams



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