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Vakhanni tuka Kallzant thaun (Praises from the Heart)

Vakhanni tuka

A Konkani hymn full of heartfelt praises

to Our Lord Jesus with a scenic background

credit to Aishwarya Afonso

Vakhanni tuka Kallzant thaun

hymn lyrics with English translation, vid will load in few secs



Tunch mozo sovmi, tunch mozo dev

Only you are my Lord, Only you my God

Vakhann’nni tuka kallzant-thaun

praises from my heart

Tunch mozo rochnar, tunch mozo donni

Vakhann’nni tuka kallzant-thaun

Only You my Creator, Only you my Lord

Praises from my heart Chorus:

Tunch mozo addhar, tunch mozem boll

Only You my succor , Only you my Joy

Vakhann’nni tuka kallzant-thaun

Praises from my heart

Tunch mozo aasrro, tunch mozem sukh

Only you my refuge, you are my peace

Vakhann’nni tuka kallzant-thaun

Praises to you from my heart

Tunch jezu uzvaad mozo,

Only you Jesus, my light

Sandleleank alasiro

An anchor for the lost

Visvas tujeaer mozo teuvta

I place my faith in you

Tunch jezu killav mozo

You are my rampart (Fort)

Mog na ani tujiea osslo

I do not love no other

Davun tujie sorrsim yeta.

hastily, I come to you Ch:

Tunch jezu sangat mozo

Only you are my companion

Vait velar addhar tuzo

In times of trouble, my succor

Gopant tuziea sontos kitlo

In your arms, happiness abounds

Tunch jezu arrayi mozo

Kurpecho somdir zoso

Like an ocean of blessings

Tarrok moziea jivitacho

Savior of my life




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