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Utram Modem Utor Jivem

Utram Modem Utor Jivem

Utram Modem Utor Jivem (A living word among words)

In the New Testament, we find our Lord as he preached, healed the sick, the blind, the lepers... the Word come alive to transform your life, read the Gospels daily

Vocalist: Bro Marcal Mascarenhas, Sr. Ruby

credit: Bailon Mascarenhas

hymn lyrics with English translation, vid will load in few secs.


Utram modem Utor jivem,

A living Word among words,

Deva, Tujea Pustokantlem,

From your book, my God,

mel’lea kallzak zagoichelem,

will awake a dead heart,

novea jivan tem bhôrchelem.

it will fill up with new life.


Uloi Somia uloi Somia

speak my Lord ...speak my Lord

tujea utran jievonk dhi maka

Pustokantlea pana ponda,

Jesus, within the pages of Your Book,

Deva, Utor Tujem mell’lem:

we found Your word, my God:

tanelolo jivu mhozo

A thirsty life of mine,

rokddea-rokddo bhoron ailo

was immediately satisfied.


Pustokantlim utram punzait,

If we gather the Words from the Book,

Deva mhojea, Tukach bhettlom:

to offer to You alone, my Lord,

nirxelolo jivu mhozo

this stale soul of mine,

ekach farak savod zalo.

is immediately cleansed.



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