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Tuzo Mog Jezu (your love Lord Jesus)

Tuzo Mog Jezu

Tuzo Mog Jezu ( your love Lord Jesus) A fervent hymn in Konkani to Our Lord, a melodious voice with a scenic backdrop, credit: Flossie Lopes

Hymn Lyrics with English translation for global audience, vid link will load in few secs.


tuzo Mog Jezu mhaka *2

Your Love Lord Jesus for me

Otmeachi Ghottai Dita

gives strength for my soul

tuzo mog Jezu mhaka

your love Lord Jesus for me

sasnache jivit dita

gives me eternal life

sodanch tuzo mog kortoleanv

always I will love you

sodanch tuzo mog bhogtoleanv

always I will hunger for your love

sodanch tuka ullo martoleanv

Always I will call on you

khoslich bhirant nah

I do not fear anything

tuje nanv jiben gaitanam

Your name my tongue sings

tuje nanv kallzant rigtanam

your name dwells in my heart

tuje utram nealtanam

when I reflect on your words

sontos mahka bhogta

I feel joyful


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